Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sometimes it's not your adventure (pt1)

Sometimes it's not me that has the adventure.......
approvimately 5pm, I was done with my daily chores. I start early enough that I can usuaslly wind down a bit early... I had decided to lay down and relax until dinner. I wasn't in my bunk long when the dogs sensed something and went to the door, just as I heard a knock.
I don't get knocks on the door very often.. I went to the door expecting to find Jesse (my future neighbor to the east) standing there. I was suprised to see Steve #1.

( Steve #1 & 2, are friends who moved up from Taexas to build their cabin in the mountains. Their lots are to the west of mine along the same creek)

Steve said he had nearly lost his three wheeler in the overflow creek. And that he was soaked.
(The overflow creek is a small channel that handles overflow from a series of shollow connecting lakes to the south east. It is normally dry, but with all the rain it was running very high and quite fast. It was at the top of the bank and I would not have taken my ATV across.)
I let him in and he removed much of his outer clothing and we hung it behind the woodstove, which I had just lit a few minutes earlier.
He recounted his story as I poured him a few shots of cheap vodka into a glass. He was on a water run and seeing the overflow creek, decided he would try and cross. He almost had it, but his wheeler is quite light and the balloon tires caused him to float and as he was trying to negotiate the bank he got caught in the swift current and got pulled downstream. We manageed to get the wheeler out on the bank after it momentarily got hung up on a small tree that was lying in the creek.
The wheeler has been totally submerged and was obviously not going to start. He walked to my cabin which was only about 75 yards from my cabin. The overflow creek actually comes within about 30 yards of my place.We discussed him staying the night. I have air mattresses and sleeping bags and plenty of food.

Just about then there was another knock on the door..... this was turning out to be a very strange day!
This time it was Jesse. He came in and immediately asked Steve for a smoke.... In fact when he found out Steve had his tobacco with him, Jesse made an empassioned case for all the reasons that Steve should spend the night at his place..
This I thought was quite funny, and I can imagine Jesse being a fairly sucessful polititian..
After a n hour or so of chatting and discussing getting the three wheeler running, Steve donned his partially dry clothing and the headed out for Jesse's place.
In all reality, I'm not a room mate kind of guy, and while, I'd have been happy to host Steve over night, it didn't bother me to be alone.

I ate my dinner as usual, but the small glass of libation I had.. (I wasn't going to let Steve drink alone), didn't set well with me, and instead of relaxing the muscles, tightened them up. So I decided at I'd hit the sack early.. No movie... no popcorn.
By 8pm I was all done..
Tomorrow, I'd see how I could help Steve get his situation resolved..